Our Philosophy


At Quay Partners we are simply a provider of great business solutions to you and your entrepreneurial business. Our philosophy is straightforward – ‘We aim to be the best business and finance partner an entrepreneur can wish for’. We believe that our unique intellectual property and extensive expertise allow us to provide the precise solution you require, supported by a multi-disciplined approach.

We specialise in equity release and exits for small and medium sized Companies in the UK. We work in partnership with entrepreneurs to transition corporate wealth into personal wealth  in advance of a full exit.

Our value proposition allows you to retain a controlling interest in your business whilst realising and enhancing value in your business using a number of tools at our disposal including tried and tested  private equity structures.


Unlike most Private Equity type businesses we genuinely work in harmony with you , the entrepreneur, by:

  • Providing expert management consultancy and advice on growth
  • combining corporate finance advice with unique private equity structures
  • Converting corporate wealth into personal wealth at the earliest opportunity
  • Providing debt and equity funding options, both now and in the future
  • Providing reliable costs planning over a medium to long term exit strategy
  • Enhancing (not inhibiting) your entrepreneurial plans and value
  • Accessing expert advice on succession planning
  • Helping to structure incentive schemes for key employees and personnel

And of course providing jargon free, transparent and highly competitive equity release both now and during the exit