Investment Approach

We work with entrepreneurs who are looking for one or more of the following:

  • an exit strategy over the short or medium term;
  • a refinance of personal or corporate debt;
  • a restructure of current shareholdings;
  • an efficient equity release; or
  • execution of a succession plan

We make investments of between £3-20 million in profitable, successful and fast growing companies, irrespective of sector. Larger deals will require specific teams.

We typically look to hold our investment for 4-7 years although an exit is always planned and considered with the best interests of the business in mind.

Expert advice on Growth and Disposal

All of our clients have the option to benefit from a full strategic business review and the unique IP of our strategic partners who will conduct a full business review of our clients business.

The business review highlights the key areas to focus on in order to give the best opportunity to achieve maximum growth and returns for its owners.  If required, our strategic partners will sit alongside the current management team to assist in the implementation of their plan.

Expert Corporate Finance Advice.

We are not corporate finance advisers but know how to select and work with the best corporate finance providers relevant to you and your business. In most cases we are able to include the cost of the advice in our transactional fees.

We work with our entrepreneurial clients to vet and select the corporate finance team right for you during the equity release and disposal processes.